Thursday, April 23, 2009

Contentment Farm Vintage is like walking through a virtual museum of vintage clothing, the range of historical fashion to glance at or buy is breathtaking to say the least. This virtual museum like shop is full of everything from early clothing dated from the 1700s to the 19th century, to Victorian, flapper, art deco and so much more. Along with amazing clothing also carry's antique textiles including extremely old and rare quilts. I always picture girls my age in the 1950s pining for vintage things from the 1900s like I pine for treasures from the 30s-50s. When I look at things like the first item below this gorgeous dress dated 1815-1820, I wonder did a young girl find this dress in an antique store back in the 40s and just drool over it like I would have, then save enough money just to buy it. Second this marvelous wool coat from the late 1930s early 1940s with its exquisite matching muff that even has a hidden pouch for your lipstick or compact is any gals dream coat. If only I had an extra $400, this would be in my closet. Among the array of vintage clothing I also adored this handsome men's coat and this drop dead gorgeous 1950s evening gown. All in all every item offered by Contentment Farm Vintage is a one of a kind piece of clothing that will definately be an amazing addition or start to anyones collection or wardrobe.

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