Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are you a sweater girl?

I am! My all time favorite style of any period in time, would unquestionably have to be the sweater girl look. In my book nothing beats a bullet bra, a tight sweater and a pencil skirt or capris.

Sweater girls, Girl Watcher Magazine, I highly reccomend you check out this magazine its a gas!!

Ultimate sweater girl Beverly Owen, such great hair!!!

Anne Francis looking smoking hot in her sweater. She is the epitome of good girl gone bad here.

The next best thing to a vintage sweater to pull of that sweater girl look would be one of these. So adorable and perfectly 1950's I need 10 of these, seriously! These adorable sweaters are available from Bernie Dexter and are $68 each.

Would you believe Bernie Dexter has a sparkly and a leopard version as well!!!!!!!

What do you guys think of the sweater girl look?


  1. Love the look! Classic and sexy without showing a ton of skin!

  2. I love it--it's one of my favorite fall and winter looks!

  3. Love it sooooo much!

    P.S.: Don't forget to enter the Ellington headband giveaway!♥


  4. hmmm, i'm not too sure about the bullet bra/sweater look. it's a bit racy for this prudish gal, but i have to admit, these are some pretty awesome images you've collected here.

  5. Hubba Hubba! I love the sweater girl look. Very sexy. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  6. such a fantastic look!! definitely need to get myself a bullet bra! x

  7. I am a sweater girl, and I have an award for you!

  8. Oh - I adore this look, but think I need to invest in a good corset in order to effectivly pull it off these days (post baby no. 3!!)I simply love the Anne Francis photograph !XX

  9. Thank you, all of you for your comments.

    I agree this is quite a sexy look, but far from trashy like many of the mini skirt, low waist, to little clothing looks we see today.

    It is hard to find the perfect bullet bra to give the girls the right shape without being worried about poking an eye out. I have a bullet bra I bought on etsy I love I think I am going to use it to make myself a custom bullet bra. Then post a tutorial on how to make your own bullet bra, if everything goes according to plan. Fingers crossed.

    xoxo Darla

  10. Thanks for the link, that book looks great!
    I love the sweater girl look too. Bullet bras are just so much fun. Pew pew!

  11. Great post...(second photo is Diana Dors)

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