Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saving lives and making sweet shoes since the 1880's

Thank you again for all of your lovely comments on my last post, I was smitten by all of the sweet and thoughtful responses. Also I just wanted to point out I have yet to make anything out of those paticular patterns but do not worry, now that I have my handy sewing book to reference I will be diving in to more difficult patterns very soon.

I stumbled upon these beauts via one of my favorite blogs Letters from the Home Front, its so fascinating to own a piece of history, especially from an organization dedicated to saving lives since 1881 like the Red Cross.

1940's Velvet Red Cross Peep Toes $58 Adelinesattic

1940's White Satin Red Cross Peep Toes $38 tigerluxe

1940's Red Cross First Aid Text-Book, 1st Edition $9 TheFancyLamb

WWI Red Cross Pin $4 PassingItOn


  1. Hi there! I'm glad you found me again and thanks so much for linking to my Etsy shop. Just wanted to note that Red Cross shoes were actually never affiliated with the American Red Cross organization (I only found this out a few months ago when researching the brand further). Apparently, these shoes were made by the United States Shoe Corporation. Here's a rather dull but thorough history of the company.

    Love, The Frivolous Flapper (formerly, Land Girl, still at

  2. By the by, there are some ADORABLE vintage Red Cross shoe ads out there in cyberspace....below is a link to one of 'em (I probably should add this to the listing give me such great ideas).

    Have I mentioned I'm so glad you are back??!>!


  3. Love the two pairs of shoes!!!

  4. I love the first pair, gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful weekend daaaaaaahling. *kisses* HH

  5. I absolutely love those shoes, especially the first ones.

  6. FrivolousFlapper- You ruined my post! JK I guess I should have done my homework before I always just assumed they were made by the Red Cross since I have seen so many people sell them as Red Cross nurse shoes. Very interesting indeed, I doubt that company knew they would be confusing us vintage enthusiasts so many years down the line with that name.

    Thanks for the info and link.

    Awww thanks. I am glad to be back!


  7. Hi Darla, have a look at my blog, you're a runner up in my giveaway but I can't find an email address, so please get in touch with me!

    p.s. love your blog!

  8. I love the first shoes very much! So pretty!


  9. What swoon-worthy shoes, I'm especially taken by the first pair. Lucky gal whoever gets to take either pair home with her.

    Thank you very much for your impute regarding my oddly behaving hot roller set, I really appreciate it, honey!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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