Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Its seems like forever

Tons of apologies for being m.i.a. for quite some time. I really missed this little blog, as well as my lovely readers as well as visitors, along with reading your comments, and of course reading all of my favorite blogs. Unfortunately about a day or two after the last post I wrote my laptop crashed. Some sort of evil Darla hating virus murdered my computer brutally. From then on a few minor set backs resulted in a lack of funds to fix said laptop. That is no longer the case and I am thrilled to report my laptop is fixed, and all important files were backed up.

With that out of the way I just wanted to say so far I love Texas!

Texas is beautiful, the weather unpredictable, and the vintage finds plentiful!

Like this bad boy, General Electric clock radio I picked up at a goodwill for $2. The clock works swell the tubes to the radio are burnt out and thats an easy fix. Not quite sure on the exact year yet, I am guessing mid to late 1950's. If anyone has a better idea on the date I would love to hear your opinion. The model is C400a.

I hope each and everyone of you have had a lovely past couple of months.


  1. Oh its great to have you back! I love the radio and am a little envious of all the plentiful vintage in Texas. I can't wait to see more:)

  2. Awww thank you guys, you dont even know how great it is to be back. It felt like for ever with out a computer.


  3. Welcome back, GORGEOUS! You've been missed! xoxo

  4. I do have to agree in saying that we are very blessed in the vintage supply here in Texas!!

  5. I was just wondering when you would come back!!! I'm so happy you're ok. I love that radio!

  6. oh! you posted on my flickr pic of my same radio!! the clock works on mine but the radio doesn't. i just use it for show anyways :)

  7. Tres fabulous vintage radio, that has to be the bargain find of the season!

    Hugest welcome back wishes, I missed your wonderful posts so much!!!

    Thank you very much for your lovely words and visit this week, sweetie, it's a joy to hear from you again!

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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