Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am sorry it has been so long.

We are still settling into our new home and sadly we do not have internet just yet. But trust me I am working on that.

I have not found out any history on are house so far but I am still researching. Due to the age of the house and the fact that it was abandoned for two years my boyfriend and I have had are hands full. Aside from cleaning and unpacking we have been extremely busy fixing things, from replacing the original clay plumbing, the foundation, putting in lights, digging out all of the weeds in the front and back yard and turning the soil. We still have so much to do to restore the house to its original luster, for example the garage is leaning a bit and needs to be reinforced, we still need to paint the inside and outside of the house, plant new grass, sand and polish the hard wood floors, rip out the ugly boring tan tile in the bathroom, kitchen, and my sewing room to replace with black and white checkered tile as well as fixing some minor cracks in the inside of the house.

My paint plans for the outside of the house which is currently a horrid light blue with a even worse poorly painted crayola (don't ask me why) bright blue is to paint the house gray with white trim, black details and the front door and back door will be dark red. I am working on a sketch of my plans right now so stay tuned.

I forgot how long it takes to unpack, we moved in about 3 weeks ago and we are still not fully unpacked yet. ekkkk! As soon as I get a few more boxes unpacked including my sewing machine I will be able to sew as much as possible each and every day. Its inspiring to have my own room for drafting, sewing, and all of my artwork but unfortunate to not have everything accessible or in working order yet. Currently I do have a bathing suit in the works right now, the fabric is a dark blue art deco one way stretch and the design for the suit is very 1940's and I cant wait to get started on it.

Again I am sorry for how long it has been since I last posted, things are just now finally settling into place. In no time at all I will have plenty of new things I have created and vintage items I have picked up as well as photos of our house to share.

I miss reading all of of your guys comments along with each of your blogs. I cant wait to get Internet in our home and be able to update everyday. We do visit my loves aunt and uncles house a couple times a week, so I will be posting and uploading photos each time we are over here.
We recently rented Cadillac Records which I now have to buy for my collection, and I was delighted by how well the director portrayed each of these legends. The movie revolved around the history of Chess Records and its African American acts who broke the racial musical barriers. Acts like, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Howlin Wolf, Chuck Berry and of course the forever wonderful Etta James. Not only the story but the costumes, sets and cars where incredibly moving.


  1. Welcome back! Sounds like you have your hands full right now! Hopefully all the renovations are going smoothly for you.


  2. Welcome back. I missed U. :-) I totally agree that U are house...


  3. Gosh, a lot of work to do but still it's exciting.

    Lovely to hear your news, take care.


  4. Glad to have you back! Can't wait for some pic of the new old house! It sounds amazing and I heart old houses :-)

  5. Welcome back! Great to hear yr news, how exciting! Hope all's still going well!

    xxxLOLAL & Nora:)

  6. Aww thanks for all of your guys kind words, I will make sure to get lots of pictures this week.

    ♥ Darla

  7. No worries. We will be here when your back on track. You gotta get your retro nest in order.

  8. Welcome to San Antonio!!! We just moved here in April (from Florida). Can't wait to see pics of your house!!

  9. hey darla ! where are you ? how have you been ? just a short note to let you know I opened my online boutique yesterday. come over and have a virtual glass of champagne with me !!, kisses from berlin

  10. come on to join me on facebook: miss woody's blog!


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