Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls good grooming guide

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Some might hate the thought of a morning checklist but to me this would be quite handy (when I wake up I am in a zombie state I barely open my eyes as I drag my feet to the shower) and a check list like this would be sure to instill good habits in any young woman. photo credit

Currently we have been on the road now moving from California to Texas, so if I don't respond to any emails or comments right away I am truly sorry and as soon as the internets up in running in are new home I will be sure to reply. I do have my iPhone but I am not sure how much service I will be getting! Enjoy the auto posts in my absence, take care for now everybody.


  1. What a great check list for girls!

  2. What a great check list!
    Hoping your jorney is going smoothly

    Have a great 4 july!
    x Nora:)

  3. Hehe, very handy dandy! Reminds me of a 1950s reel I saw once on Mystery Science Theatre (showing my geekyness) that was devoted to proper hygiene for young people. It showed a before/after of a girl with bad hygiene and oh my, it was quite brutal!

    Have a wonderful road trip!


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