Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Straight from Dita's Mouth

Biggest misconception about burlesque: "That it’s about dancing around in hot pants with feather boas. Burlesque was about the striptease. The stars of burlesque took their clothes off, end of story, period."
Worst moment onstage: "My hair caught on fire. I do an act where I sit on a vanity table that has candelabras on it. Well, there was a lot of hair spray going on. I realized what was happening and put my hair out. The show went on."
Indispensable gadget: "A 1940s phone station. It’s a stand that holds the phone, and you sit in it. You can’t move around. I used to have a cordless phone and I hated it."

Personal hero: "Mae West. There hasn’t been another actress in the world who wrote every line she ever said in a film."

Burlesque memento: "I have an artifact of the famed burlesque star Sally Rand, from 1939. It’s a box that says “Winter Underwear for Men” on it. Inside is a crocheted warmer for a man’s equipment. It’s hysterical."

Extra bedrooms: "I turned one of them into a dark, jewel box of a bedroom. Another is a wardrobe with my dresses, shoes and vintage clothes. The third is devoted to my hat collection and vanity. It’s a real powder room."

Collections: "I collect in a crazy way. I have at least 15 collections. I collect vintage hair combs; vintage clothes; vintage lingerie; hats; jewelry; cigarette holders."

Favorite collection: "My hats. When I look at them I can’t believe these are things that women wore on the street every day. They are dramatic and distinctive."

Obsolete item she can’t bear to part with: "Everything I have is obsolete. That’s the point."

Doesn't she have the most gorgeous hat room, just look at all of those vintage hats, now that folks is what dreams are made of! All of the quotes from Dita Von Teese are courtesy of the New York Times and the last photo, the entire interview may be found here.

Go here if you are interested in prints of Dita, beware you might see some tatas.


  1. nice post, am still laughing at tatas, hehehe.

    Thanks for brightening a difficult day xx

  2. I have her Burlesque/Fetish book. It's so interesting and the photos are to die for!

  3. I ♥ Dita. She is quite the muse for any vintage vixen.

  4. Ooooh, I adore Dita...My fave icon. :)


  5. she's just not from this planet....I love her so much. I worked as a designer for Lulu Guinnes for about 3 years, and a couple of years ago I read an interview with Dita in Vogue, in which she described her favourite handbag. it's a handbag that I designed for Lulu !! It's a small black satin evening handbag with an embroidered corsette and it says : we suffer to be beautiful. Can you believe it ? I know I am being a smug ass about this, but I nearly cried when I read this....I consider this my biggest ( and my only, hehe ) success....the room with all the hats is to die for....thanks so much for posting !

  6. great post/pictures!!! she's my fashion icon :) xoox

  7. Frollein von Sofa: What an amazing story! That must have been such an exciting moment when you realized YOU designed the bag Dita was talking about. How cool!

    Word on the street is Dita will be coming out with a new book by the end of the year! I can't wait!

  8. i saw her perform a few years back (she came out of a giant shell!) and she was gorgeous and sooo tiny!

  9. Lovely images- my favourite is the second one from the top!

    LOL LOLA & Nora:)

  10. i love her so much it's unreal!

  11. ohh i just did a post on her home with this interview and also one on her style ...shes an interesting gal and she has great style

  12. I love Dita. There was a pic of her I was once where she was squeezing an olive or something and she was sitting in a martini glass. She's so creative and inventive.

  13. I love love this post and the info thank you so

  14. That hat room is to die for...and Dita comes across as being like a really kooky cool girl...and ofcourse she's uber fashionable :)


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