Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tattoo your lips! 1938

Vintage make-up ad, 1938
This lovely lipstick advertisment  for Tattoo, a new line packaged in a stunning tube engraved with an art deco hula girl. "And how his heart will pound," when he comes home from work and gets a peek at your lips and you tell him the brand is "tattoo."

Vintage article, 1962
Its the lastest fad in Hollywood!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Timeless Vixen

I am so enamored with these gorgeous 1950's designer vintage dresses from Timeless Vixen I just had to share a few of my favorites. Any of these beauties screaming at you?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lovely vintage Valentines dresses that wont break the bank

This little curve hugger is sure to have you wiggling in all the right places. Beware though, your boyfriend or date most likely will transform into the Tex Avery wolf for at least 60 seconds!!!

1950's scarlet bombshell wiggle dress $54, sillyrabbitvintage

Tex Avery wolf, 1943

Sweet as a cupcake in frosting worthy colors.

Stunning open back pale pink 1960's cocktail dress $65 now $55, RevolvingStyles

Sweet handmade 1950's polka dot dress w/ rhinestone trim $35, countryshamrock

Breathtaking (I wish this was my size) 1960's vixen cut out pencil dress w/ matching coat $49, turquoiseheaven

Lipstick red 1950's dress cute bow detail & full skirt with a 40 inch bust $50, littlethingsvintage

Two more to make your date's heart skip a beat this Valentines day!
A darling 1940's inspired cherry red peplum dress that rivals on those made back then, a sweet score at $39.99 from FiregypsyVintage. Lastly a steal of a deal, this 1940's sweetheart red crepe dress is in great condition and an even more romantic deal for $42 from revivalhouse.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Repro Retro ala Mad Men

These dresses are sure to bring out the inner bombshell in anybody, they sure worked for Mad Men's own Joan Holloway. Prices range from $125-$140 in ready made sizes and tailored sizes are offered. Maybe, just maybe this could be the dress to land you that promotion you have been working so hard for.

How would these outfits go over in your office space? What do you think of these Mad Men replicas, would you dare wear it? Are these dresses to costume like for your taste or right on the money?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A stitch in time

"Look hun, what do you think? I made it out of the drapes." Her fabric choice might not be my cup of tea, but that sewing machine sure sets my heart a pitter pattering.

Morse De Luxe sewing machine $40 vintageorphans

Pint size Singer sewing machine $25 thebirdsandthebees

Pink & teal Brother sewing machine $150 kingdomthreads

Nothing better to brighten up those dark and gloomy winter days then a cheery colored vintage sewing machine to team up with. It's safe to say we all can lose inspiration and patience at times but with a machine as cute as one of these, I dont think I could ever get discouraged again!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas........tree.

Paulette Goddard, a perfect Hollywood Christmas

Last year we purchased a real Christmas tree and it was gorgeous, but my heart has always been set on a fake one. Preferably a vintage 1950's or 1960's tree and any color would suffice silver, pink, light blue, even white. I have been searching all year but alas still no vintage tree has found its way home with yours truly. There have been a few hopefuls over the years, but a typical dark green tree will not do for our retro home.

A store down the road from us advertised white, pink, red, blue, and even a frightful lime green color Christmas trees. Size wise I am completely open as long as the overall look is vintage inspired, tiny like this one below or massive like Paulette's. Hopefully one of them will tickle my fancy, otherwise we will be treeless this year left to dream about the vintage one I will find someday (see how determined I am) and what it will look like all decorated then.

December 1955 The Ed Sullivan Show Dancers

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are you a sweater girl?

I am! My all time favorite style of any period in time, would unquestionably have to be the sweater girl look. In my book nothing beats a bullet bra, a tight sweater and a pencil skirt or capris.

Sweater girls, Girl Watcher Magazine, I highly reccomend you check out this magazine its a gas!!

Ultimate sweater girl Beverly Owen, such great hair!!!

Anne Francis looking smoking hot in her sweater. She is the epitome of good girl gone bad here.

The next best thing to a vintage sweater to pull of that sweater girl look would be one of these. So adorable and perfectly 1950's I need 10 of these, seriously! These adorable sweaters are available from Bernie Dexter and are $68 each.

Would you believe Bernie Dexter has a sparkly and a leopard version as well!!!!!!!

What do you guys think of the sweater girl look?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bumps in the road and the best weekend ever

Last week was just one of those weeks you never want to think about again. It was completely awful with no time for posting, hours sitting in the Emergency room and hardly anytime for living. Such a dreadful week though was followed by one of the best weekends I have ever had!

Saturday we woke up bright and early to take a trip to Pleasanton Texas about 35 minutes south of San Antonio. A vintage seller in the area bought out a clothing store that had been abandoned for at least 40 years, her warehouse was full of clothes from the 1950's and 1960's deadstock, new with tags.  My favorite find of the day I would have to be a tan pencil skirt with small pockets, the only word to describe it would be BOMBSHELL, slim, past the knee, kick pleast and best of all it fits like it was tailored for me. Though the sale was a bit of a mad dash through the racks along side agressive vintage resellers, I came home with a pile I barely could see over while carrying it to the car.

A sneek peak at what I brought home from the sale

Most of the items I picked up fit like a dream, a few though are a bit too small and no matter how much I work out after Thanksgiving will never fit me. Instead of adding all of these gorgeous items to my wishful thinking "these will fit someday" pile (which is quite large and since moving to Texas has only quadrupled), I have decided to open an etsy shop. Please forgive the horrible photographs of the loot, I snapped those in a jiffy this morning. All day I have been washing any dusty or dirty items and giving everything else a nice steam.

I buy a good portion of my vintage on etsy and love it, so I am thinking why not sell my vintage that needs a new home and that way I will have more money to spend on etsy. Ahhh a perfect circle. If you have any advice or knowledge you want to share about selling on etsy, please fee free to send me an email or leave a comment!
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