Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas........tree.

Paulette Goddard, a perfect Hollywood Christmas

Last year we purchased a real Christmas tree and it was gorgeous, but my heart has always been set on a fake one. Preferably a vintage 1950's or 1960's tree and any color would suffice silver, pink, light blue, even white. I have been searching all year but alas still no vintage tree has found its way home with yours truly. There have been a few hopefuls over the years, but a typical dark green tree will not do for our retro home.

A store down the road from us advertised white, pink, red, blue, and even a frightful lime green color Christmas trees. Size wise I am completely open as long as the overall look is vintage inspired, tiny like this one below or massive like Paulette's. Hopefully one of them will tickle my fancy, otherwise we will be treeless this year left to dream about the vintage one I will find someday (see how determined I am) and what it will look like all decorated then.

December 1955 The Ed Sullivan Show Dancers

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are you a sweater girl?

I am! My all time favorite style of any period in time, would unquestionably have to be the sweater girl look. In my book nothing beats a bullet bra, a tight sweater and a pencil skirt or capris.

Sweater girls, Girl Watcher Magazine, I highly reccomend you check out this magazine its a gas!!

Ultimate sweater girl Beverly Owen, such great hair!!!

Anne Francis looking smoking hot in her sweater. She is the epitome of good girl gone bad here.

The next best thing to a vintage sweater to pull of that sweater girl look would be one of these. So adorable and perfectly 1950's I need 10 of these, seriously! These adorable sweaters are available from Bernie Dexter and are $68 each.

Would you believe Bernie Dexter has a sparkly and a leopard version as well!!!!!!!

What do you guys think of the sweater girl look?
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