Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everybody needs at least one

Vintage woven purse or a 100 of them. If I could have everything my way I would definitely have bought all of these already, but unfortunately I need to save money. This darling blue number is only $23.99 I want it so bad but I just cant do it, someone please buy it before I do. Found at UncommonEye on etsy.

$40 randomretro

$38 isnt this one darling!

$85.00 BackThennishVintage

This one is perfect for the beach, if you get sand on it just say its part of the design. $26 RaraeAves


  1. Very nice.

  2. Ugh, divine! Abd $23 isn't bad at all, although I'm paying for prom, so no darling purse for me!

    Thanks for the post though!

  3. Oh so much cutness!I really love that pink one!

  4. $23 isn't bad? actually my grandmother has one such purse in white, vintage late 60s early 70s:) sadly the leather handles are withered but the purse is great so it can be carried as a clutch!

  5. Art deco dame as do I love that pink one I just bought one similar to it but in brown, pictures arriving soon.

    I know $23 is not bad at all but I have been buying so many vintage things and I need to save a bit of $.

    Your grandmothers purse sounds adorable.

  6. Love the purses! Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  7. You have such a fabulous blog! Adding you to my feedreader. :)

    I did a post last week on clamshell purses, though not all woven like the ones you featured. I'm just getting started with my blog, and I'm so inspired by reading other retro-bloggers like you.


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