Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spur of the moment road trip

Unfortunately I am not going on a road trip any time soon, but a gal can dream right. My dream road trip: its 1953 and were taking a tour of the United States hitting as many states as possible stopping only for kitschy diners, souvenir shops, museums, vintage & antique stores, drive in theaters and anything else that catches are attention.

As we left California I had to pick up an apron to add to my collection.
I could not decide between the two, the blue apron can be found on etsy as well as this adorable Hollywood apron.
To keep are imaginary road trip children Sally & Jimmy happy, we brought along a 1952 Our Auto Trip Story Book for $5 on etsy.

A great accordion style post card from Laredo Texas.

Look at this darling compact, made by Elgin American. Elgin started out as a watch company in the 1880s and in the 1930s began making compacts and they even commissioned Salvador Dali to create a compact in 1950.

The perfect size Florida souvenir table cloth.

Perfect for a kitchen back splash, a state of Virginia tile, in pink, green, black and white.

Washington state apron complete with Mt. St. Helens, Bonneville Dam, Mt. Rainier, Seattle and Spokane along with wild life, cowboys, Indians, Lumberjacks, hunters, crops and airplanes.

After zig zagging all over the United States are last stop was the ABCB Convention in St. Louis also known as American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages where I found this treasure.


  1. LOVE your blog!! I added it to my blog roll as 'retro living' please notify me if you'd like it as 'retro ways'. best, Katie :)

  2. Thats perfectly fine thanks so much Katie.

  3. cute aprons!I just sold a CA one not too long ago.

  4. Oh my stars, you road trip sounds just like it was lifted from my own dream holiday blue print! I love all the fantastic items you acquired on your "travels"!

    Here's to day dreaming and the joy it can bring us!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. The maps on various objects made me lol. Precious.

  6. What, no souvenir scarf to keep your curls in place on those dusty highways? ;)

    I have a lovely orange and green one of California.


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