Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Platforms a plenty

Nov 10 1944, Carmen Miranda known for her marvelous musical roles in films like The Gang's All Here (1943 film) which she often wore hats topped with tropical fruit, poses with her large collection of wedges. Look at these shoes I envy her collection imagine how amazing it would be to own all of these great pairs of wedges from the 1940's. If only this picture had been in color. With her beautiful green eyes and amazing hair Miranda was destined to be a star. Carmen Miranda's story is like that of many gorgeous Hollywood bombshells both glamorous and tragic.

Between 1940 and 1953 Miranda made 14 Hollywood films and became "The Brazilian Bombshell." Miranda made a total of fourteen Hollywood films between 1940 and 1953 and was dubbed "The Brazilian Bombshell". She wore her infamous platform sandals as well as her towering headdresses made of fruit often which helped make her famous. At times Miranda would kick off her huge wedges and dance barefoot so that she could perform her vixen moves easier.

Miranda was a star through and through, even as she danced her last dance. Miranda Carmens tragic death as described on wikipedia, "On August 4, 1955, Miranda suffered a heart attack during a segment of the live The Jimmy Durante Show, although she did not realize it at the time. After completing a dance number, she unknowingly suffered a mild heart attack, and nearly collapsed. She quickly pulled herself together and finished the show. At the end of the broadcast, she smiled and waved, then exited the stage. She died later that night after suffering a second heart attack at her home."
Though these are no wear near as high as Mirandas, here is some vintage eye candy for sale.

Size 4 divinedebrisvintage

Size 7 AvantGarb

Remix Vintage shoes makes great 1940's replicas which are true to style and are also comfortable. Here are a few of my favorites they have to offer.


  1. Remix makes the best shoes! I have always loved that picture of Carmen Maranda!

  2. so much shoe porn!
    Miranda was breath takingly beautiful!

  3. I want a shoe collection like that! Her hair is amazing as well. Who thought of that hairstyle? so classy.

  4. And I thought my teenage daughter had a large shoe collection.

  5. I would love an entire Carmen Miranda costume... just for wearing to work and stuff, you know!! Hehe

    I love her, and I love those shoes. I can't buy real vintage in my huge size so Remix is my saviour (and my downfall!)

  6. could you just DIE looking at that top photo? I seriously wonder where all of those shoes ended up out there. great post! and thank you for your comment on mine!!

  7. I know doesnt she have the greatest hair!

  8. i never knew about how she died - how sad.
    she was such a beauty! wonder where all those shoes are now!

  9. Great post. Love the photos. You've got a really cool blog. Cheers!


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