Monday, May 11, 2009

Snoods of the 1950s

Though snoods have been around since the Middle Ages, it wasn't until WWII especially in England that they once again became an adorable and handy wardrobe necessity. Perfect for keeping hair out of ones face while working, or keeping curls perfect before a night out on the town. Snoods are so simple and easy to put on, yet there are so many different variations, patterns and endless materials they can be made from. Snoods are a definite must have in ones array of hair goodies you can adorn them with bows, vintage hats, even brooches and of course they look killer with flowers.

One of the most popular style of snoods would be a crocheted snood, just like the one worn to the left. I just adore the bow adorably completing the look and fascinating her snood to the top of her head. Snoods in the 40s and 50s were commonly made of cotton yarn but they can be made from pretty much any material you can knit or crochet. I have also seen very delicate snoods made out of precious veil material. Snoods can also be made of cotton or pretty much any type of fabric, I prefer the knitted or crocheted snoods though. I just recently picked up a snood for about 3 dollars (including shipping) on ebay, though it is not made out of cotton yarn like the snoods worn in the 1940s and 1950s its made out of a nylon material but it is still adorable and does a great job at keeping my curls in place.

Here is a great link from the UK to knit a traditional 1940s Snood. I am sorry the link did not work before now it will work!

The best part about this pattern other then the fact that it is stunning, is that its from Madame Weigels Journal of Fashion, September 1, 1944. I just learn to knit recently and currently only own small needles, once I buy the right size needles I am going to start on this bad boy. Please enjoy!


  1. If my hair was long enough, I would definitely be rocking a snood.

  2. i think they are so cute, but whenever i put one on, i just look like how my school dinner-ladies used to look!

  3. I will do.

    I think everyone anyone can rock a snood it just needs to be the right size and length for your hair style.


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