Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jean Harlow in color

Jean Harlow was born as Harlean Harlow Carpenter in Kansas City, Missouri an only child with a very loving mother. Jean weighed a mere 109 pounds and stood at only 5'2" and her shoe size was a 4. She was so tiny that once Rosalind Russell mistook Jean for a child when he saw her tiny arms and legs sticking out from underneath a hair dryer in the MGM hair & makeup department. Despite her tiny stature Jean quickly became one of the most beloved actress' of the 1930s and America's "Original Blonde Bombshell."
In less than 10 short years, Jean made 36 movies and was amazing in both her sensual and comedic roles, she proved you do not need dark hair to be a vixen. Aside from receiving a star in Hollywood, being one of MGM's most famous actresses she also achieved being voted No. 22 on the American Film Institutes's list of the "Greatest American Screen Legends" (female), and becoming the first movie actress to appear on the cover of Life magazine. Along with acting Jean loved animals and had many pets from cats, dogs and even 6 ducks. One of her most famous dogs was from canine star Rin Tin Tins litter and she named him Duncie.
Jean Harlow died at the young age of 26, she first collapsed while filming Saratoga. She was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with uremic poisoning. For the next eight days she was diligently taken care of, sadly her condition worsened. June 6, 1937 she was again rushed to the hospital, efforts were not successful and Jean passed away the following morning. There have been many rumors about Jeans death, one of the most famous states that the concoction of peroxide, ammonia, Clorox and Lux Flakes seeped her brain and killed her this is definitely false. It is true that as Jean gained fame peroxide sales skyrocketed. Her death certificate lists acute respiratory infection, acute nephritis an uremia. In layman terms her kidney failed, they were damaged when she contracted scarlett fever at age 14. It is a slowly progressing disease and can remain undetected for years.


  1. So terribly sad...

    These pictures are so postitively lovely. She is so unbelievably adorable; I loveee her! I'm going to start watching more of her films. She was a complete gem.

  2. Gracie you are so right and I want to do the same. I find my self watching more films from the 40s then the 30s.

    and thank you so much Qs daydream your kind comments mean so much to me!

  3. Her classic H.wood glamorous look is definitely the inspiration for my wedding.

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