Monday, June 1, 2009

Bathing bombshells in color

Yvonne De Carlo, who later in life starred as Lily in "The Munsters" tv series actually had her Jaguar equipped with spider web hubcaps, a gargoyle hood ornament and a glossy black sunroof by George Barris who created the ghoulish “Munsters” car.
Carole Landis was born Frances Lillian Mary Ridste early in her career she died her hair blonde and changed her name to Carole after her favorite actress Carole Lombard.Ann Rutherford, daughter of former Metropolitan Opera tenor John Rutherford (stage name: Juan Guilberty), and an actress mother, Ann was raised in California where she made her stage debut at the age of six in Raggedy Ann.
Joan Blondell daughter of a vaudeville onstage comic named Eddie Joan Blondell who was one of the original Katzenjammer Kids. At 3 Joan was already on stage she toured the circuit with her parents and joined a stock company at age 17. Donna Reed left Iowa to attend secretarial school at Los Angeles City College. Donna was named Campus Queen, her photograph appeared on the front page of the Los Angeles Times, soon she was inundated with offers from agents and studio executives.
Ann Miller moved from Texas to Hollywood with her mother when she was 10, she had been tapping since she was 5. A 13 year old Ann lied about her age dancing in local vaudeville houses and even playing a few bit-parts in films before being recommended to a talent scout by Lucille Ball.
Ann Sheridan was bon Clara Lou 0f Denton, Texas, her sister sent in a picture of Ann in a bathing suit to Paramount Studios. Paramount was sponsoring the "Search for Beauty" contest, the prize a screen test and a bit part in a movie. Ann won the contest and was signed to a contract at the age of 19.


  1. I loved this post!! So interesting to hear about some leading ladies start in show business :0)

  2. AT first glance, Ann Sheridan looks so much like a young Lucille Ball in that photo! Love this post!

  3. Quixsa thank you so much.

    MissRedLips now that you have mentioned it I totally see what you mean she does look a bit like her there.


  4. Great post! I especially like seeing the shoes that they wore with those fantastic bathing suits.

    My husband and I love Joan Blondell and Ann Sheridan...they're two of our favorite actresses. I'm so happy they were included!

  5. Ah, the suits, the much glamour! I LOVE Yvonne deCarlo's suit, shorts, and shoes SO much

  6. oh wow- if all it took these days to jump start a movie and tv career was to be named campus queen of your secretarial school!!

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  8. Kelley Anne I know what you mean especially Miss De Carlos gorgeous platfroms ohh how happy I would be if those were mine.

    ladyfoxandhound Agreed!!!!!!!

    13bees your comment is so true and it made me laugh uncontrollably.


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