Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dear fabric and patterns I am sorry for neglecting you

Sewing is definitely one of my biggest passions, but due to the fact that I work full time right now and we are leaving for Texas very soon, eekkkk 10 days, yes I am super nervous, I have had no time to sew lately. On the bright side I can not wait till we get to Texas we are moving in to a house built in the 1940's and pretty much all I know about the house is that it has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, hardwood floors and a big back yard for my 3 pups. 3 bedrooms woo hoo, for about the past 9 months my boyfriend and I have shared a room that we rent. A whole house for the two of us is going to be quite spacious. We have decided the smallest room of the house will be my office, studio and sewing room slash extended closet. Right now my sewing spot is a tiny space in the garage of the house we rent are room out of. Its not only horribly lit but its also infested with spiders and other friendly bugs who love to say hi while I am sewing. Due to the lack of space all of my fabric and vintage patterns has been in boxes for the past couple of years. I am definitely looking forward to elegantly and conveniently displaying all of my gorgeous fabric I have been collecting. Lately I have been a major fabric hoarder, due to the fact that fabric is so cheap out here in the LA fashion district. If I had all of the money in the world I invest in a 100 tons of vintage fabric. But since this is not the case I wanted to share my favorite vintage fabric and pattern finds with my lovely blog friends.

1950's Rose Glazed Cotton MsLegacySews
1950's Antique Store Novelty CottonMsLegacySews
1940's Tropical Deco Vintage Barcloth catnapcottage
1950s Juvenile Novelty Western Cowboy Cotton PatternPeddler
1950's Belly Up To The Bar Cowboy Sheen Cotton violet64

Vintage Patterns
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  1. Congrats on your new house, darling!

    Love these patterns and illustrations so!


  2. My favorite is Advanced 8073 and the Rose Glaze Cotton fabric. Great finds. I live in Spring, Texas, right outside of the Houston area and The Woodlands. Whereabouts are moving?

  3. Amazing illustrations and congrats, Honey!


  4. Couture Carrie- Thank you so much!

    Trudy Callan- We are moving to San Antonio.

    janettaylor- Thank you for your kind words.

  5. We are about four hours away from San Antonio if you include all of the stops we have to make with our four children in tow. Maybe we can meet up sometime. Good luck on your move.



  6. sewing is such a wonderful talent! good luck w/the move!! x

  7. SO excited for you! LOVELY prints and patterns! You've inspired me to really try to start sewing again this fall. Good luck with everything and keep us "posted"!

  8. Yeah, Im quite pleased with them,I'm making dress nr 3 today, planning to make the first one tomorrow =) And I actually found two of the patterns in your post, nr 3 and 4, seems a bit too advanced for me at the moment though.

  9. Trudy Callan- Sound good lets try to sometime in the future. Thank you so much.

    13bees- It sure is, I am self taught and only had one sewing lesson in 7th grade home-ec so I am proof anyone can do it.

    LandGirlontheHomeFront- I hope you do!

    Bettie Booh- That is so exciting and they do look a bit hard but I bet you could do it.

  10. congrats on the house and I can't wait to see pictures.

    oh and thanks for enabling, i just bought the 1950's Belly Up To The Bar Cowboy Sheen Cotton piece. I have a vintage skirt of hoe-down dancers, and not long ago picked up another piece of border print squaredancers and now i have cowboys! find me a space print vintage border and i'll love you forever ;)

  11. Oh that's so great for you to have your own sewing room. Good luck with the move! (I've just done it myself).

    Patterns are sweet!xx

  12. YAY for your big move! Your house sounds splendid- wood floors, space for a work room, a backyard for puppies! you shall be a happy lady! Good luck and remember to take breaks from packing every once in awhile.

  13. i would love to come across some vintage fabric one day, but my area /or i think germany in general) is lacking vintage stores :(
    i know what it means to have no space for sewing machine is in the corner of an unused room in our house, where my father and my brother also store their "men's stuff" (=old cd players etc they want to take apart)

  14. Shrinky Inky- Thanks hun and I do have a google earth photo for now. How awesome you picked up that fabric it was by far my favorite and had the most amazing name! Ill keep my eye out!

    Moonspinner- Thanks hun, then you must know exactly what I am going to be dealing with.

    Quixsa- Aww thank you yea I have to start packing big time now we have only about 60% of the stuff packed up.

    Corinna- Try estate sales and garage sales hopefully that helps! That doesnt sound a bit cramped but i bet you can still whip up darling things there.

  15. Gorgeous barcloth -- I have been obsessed with the tropical barcloth fabric since I was little, because my parent's had some amazing drapes made from it!!! Wish I could get my hands on those now!

  16. Tara- Those drapes sound amazing, yea barcloth is becoming such a hard fabric to find. Its so beautiful though

  17. Those fabrics are adorable! I'm such a sucker for strange novelty prints. I've never been to LA's fashion district before... I'll have to check it out sometime soon!


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