Friday, June 5, 2009

Perfect for the poolside

Ohhh Rita Hayworth how you never cease to amaze me, just look at this picture of her poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California with a gorgeous bicycle wearing the most stunning swimsuit. With her radiant smile and scarf tied so neatly in her hair she is such a breath of fresh air, and the perfect summer inspiration!

Lovely 1950's sky blue suit made in France $39 BelleMereBelleFille

1950's Sea nymph glamour swim suit $79.99 confessboutique

1950's Gabar swim suit w/ attached skirt $40 houseofvintage

1950's Gabar pinup bathing suit w/ lace overlay $75 stephielouvintage

Adorable 1950's motley leaf culotte play suit $52 sisterstreasure

The detail on this culotte suit is fabulous, you might think I am a bit of a nerd for this but despite how well constructed and lovely this vintage 1950's play suit is my favorite part is the buttons! Arent they darling? Culottes are such a timeless wonderful wardrobe staple and definitely perfect for lounging around the pool. In layman's terms a culotte is just another word to describe a split skirt or divided skirt. Women during the Victorian Era often wore long split skirts which were practical for horseback riding. After the turn of the century these split skirts were essential to providing women more ease and freedom in doing activites like gardening, cleaning, bike riding, and the best benefit of a culotte is the illusion of looking like one is wearing a skirt.


  1. The bathing suits of the 1940's-1960's were the best. Flirtatious, sexy, yet classy.

  2. Gorgeous suits! I'm starting a swim class soon and will be needing something for the occasion... these are perfect inspirations.

    Have a lovely weekend!xo

  3. What a fabulous blog you have here! I love these vintage suits, especially the green maillot. And that first pic is perfection!


  4. Oh that French blue one is divine, but I just took my measurements in centimeters and there's no way! Great post...I always look forward to reading your blog.

  5. Quixsa- you are so right!

    Gabbi- swim class how fun, and vintage is definitely the way no one will ever have the same suit as you.

    Couture Carrie- Awww thank you so much I love your blog as well and isnt it who could resist the lovely rita!

    Kelley Anne- isnt it? I couldnt believe how tiny it is at least it looks stretchy and thank you I feel the same way with your blog it is so lovely!

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments!

  6. Oh! I WANT that last one soooo bad. Rita is amazing; especially as Gilda.

  7. Beautiful picture of Rita. She was one of the first classic Hollywood stars I was interested in - read several books on her!

    I love culottes! They are so practical, but feminine too!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous post! I'm head-over-heels in love with each photo and garment you featured. Superb selection of summer inspiration, my dear!

    Big hugs & best wishes for a marvelous weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Thank you dear, I'm already feeling a bit better. =)The yellow bathingsuit is adoreble, wish I could buy it.

    xoxo Bettie

  10. This is a great blog! All these suits you've compiled are so inspirational. Talk about class! You've brightened my day.

  11. How amazing!

    Have a great weekend, Honey!


  12. I love that first picture so much. I would really love to find a nice vintage swim suit. I have a feeling a vintage one would suit me a lot better than the modern atrocities.

  13. How lovely! I especially love the last little playsuit - I agree, those buttons are sweet as pie!
    Believe it or not, Isaac Mizrahi for Target had a really sweet vintage-inspired pink seersucker two piece last wasn't nearly as high waisted as I would have liked, but it was very pretty. I'm thinking that I may venture into making my own this year, so thank you for the cheerful inspiration!

  14. I love vintage bathing suits - they're so much more sexy then the stuff you can buy nowadays.

  15. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

    Bettie Booh thats good to hear hun!

    Eva Marie Sutter awww thank you, I am delighted.

    Amelia your right, suits from the 1950's were designed and made to flatter a womans shape and fit in all the right places giving any gal the perfect hourglass shape.

  16. Thanks so much again, Darla, I've sold the Blue French 1950's suit pictured above to a lovely girl in Canada!
    Eva Marie of BelleMereBelleFille

  17. I'm on a desperate search for the Izaac Mizrahi for Target pink seersuck suit that Kirby mentioned above. Does anyone know where I could still get my hands on a size S bottom?!?

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