Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heavenly Headwear

Circa 1938, I bet she is thinking "Dont I look good wearing this hat that you do not have but I know you must desire?"1939 LIFE Isn't this 1930's top hat gorgeous, the moment I saw it, I was immediately reminded of the stunning creations from Topsy Turvy Designs.
1939 LIFE Unique bird hat designed by John Frederics. When I saw this hat my first thought was I bet Solanah (a wonderful blogger, vintage seller and vintage fashionista whom you probably all also adore) would love it, and wouldn't fit perfect in her blog The Bird Hat
Lynne Baggett circa 1940, In 1944 Lynne was voted “Triple-A-Girl” by the boys at Camp Haan, the A's standing for “adorable, amicable, and amorous.” Isn't she?
Eyelet Hat 1940 LIFE photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt
1947, I am dumbfounded on how this lovely little hat is attached to her head, either a ton of pins or maybe a magnet installed in to her skull....probably not but wouldnt it be kind of handy for sewing needles.
1953 LIFE What girl could resist a big giant black bow, for a quick modern look I love this hand made bow.
Photo Credit: My Vintage Vogue


  1. Oh Darla I love them all especially the bottom photo xx

  2. I love the 1953 Life hat. It's so elegant and small and gravity defying!

    I agree with the bird hat being perfect for Solana! She's such a great blogger and so are you!

    The top caption had me laughing so much!

  3. I love hats! These are absolutley wonderful!

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I must say its adorable! I'll be back soon again, I can asure you =0)


  4. I love reading your blog. It helps bring me away from my work hum-drum. The only downside is that I want to continually shop!
    Those are envy-creating chapeaus!

  5. Love them all! I was so madly in love with vintage hats this winter that they were my total inspiration for my designs!


  6. I feel the art of hats has gone out the window for ladies :0/ makes me a little sad. These are all glorious!

  7. wow, these hats are absolutely astounding. i love the light that the eyelet hat throws against her face. and 'triple A girl'? so funny :)

  8. Perfect! That last one is mine!

    PS: I Love the handbag in that first pic!

  9. Vintage Angel- Awww thank you so much sweetie!

    Linn Ekholm- Well thank you for visiting and dont be shy!

    Graciebird- I am also in love with that barrel bag!

    Thank you everyone for your comments xxoxo ♥

  10. Oh these are amazing...I really wish that it was more socially acceptable now to wear hats and gloves every day. Sigh...but I still wear mine and accept the strange looks:)

  11. They are all beautiful ... that first gal does look a mite smug .. she might hit us with her desirable handbag!

  12. I definitely believe women should wear hats again !! I am pro-hats !! Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures !!

  13. Strikingly gorgeous hats, I am especially fond of the top hat. For reasons I'm really not certain of, I madly adore the stylish, unique look of a woman sporting one of these traditionally male chapeaus.

    Big hugs & many happy Thursday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  14. Hey Darla. Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. I appreciate it. I hope you will stop by again. I love hearing from people. I really like your blog. I'll definitely be back again when I have more time. Cheers!

  15. Kelley Anne- I so agree with you, but I just think of it as people are staring because they think you look adorable and of a kind. Which we are!

    Moonspinner- I could see it now. She hits us with her hard barrel purse and runs away so we wont steal her hat.

    Frollein von Sofa- Yay for Pro Hats, we should start a movement!

    Jessica Cangiano- Same here I yet to own one, but I really adore them. And thank you for the big hugs and wishes!

    Keith- Of course, I love all the photos you post. Thank you!

  16. I noticed the handbag in the first photo too - is it made from a large piece of bamboo? That's what it looks like to me. Anyway, I really like it!

    I love hats, too. I'm Pro Hat! Maybe someone could create a little blog button (I can't do that sort of thing) for us to put on our sites to spread the word!

    These are all amazing, but I must say the eyelet hat is the one I would most want to wear!

  17. Great idea, I will try to whip something up after we get settled into are new house and I have internet at home, right now I only have internet at work and I do not have photoshop on my work computer.

    yay for being pro hats!

    I also adore the eyelet hat the shadow it leaves is amazing.

  18. "1947, I am dumbfounded on how this lovely little hat is attached to her head, either a ton of pins or maybe a magnet installed in to her skull....probably not but wouldn't it be kind of handy for sewing needles."

    My official guess is a ribbon (maybe even elastic), sort of like a headband, with the hat set off to one side, and the ribbon secured to her hair. ;)

  19. I love all of these so much, where are they now I wonder?

  20. Oooo those are some truly fantastic hats!


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