Friday, June 12, 2009

Not your ordinary housewife

The Mysterious Life of the Metropolitan Housewife is by far one of my favorite blogs to read and not just because it has the spiffest name on the block. What I love most is all of the wonderful hair tutorials, photo shoots and vintage outfit posts this blog has to offer along with the fact that she is a gorgeous housewife with the most ridiculously cute children on earth. Aside from having a fabulously vintage blog, this housewife also stocks an amazing etsy store! Full of gorgeous hard to find generously priced vintage dresses, shoes and adorable vintage patterns.
Guess what this gorgeous vintage fashionista is almost to 100 followers and you know what the sweet thing about that is? Once she reaches 100 she will be doing a giveaway see the post here. Be sure to follow her blog that way you can be first to possibly win something, which she has not announced yet, But judging by her blog and her ridiculously gorgeous vintage items in her shop its going to be something amazing and one of a kind. Plus you will also be first to see all of the beautiful items going up in her shop and be able to snag them before anyone else. Here are some of my favorite vintage items from Miss Metropolitan Housewife's etsy shop.

1940's Rayon dress rhinestone collar Bust 36 Navy Blue $38
1940's Navy Blue Swing dress Sailor Style w/Kick Pleats Bust 42 $551940's Tan Day dress with Lace and Rhinestones Bust 36 $38

Vintage 50s DeLiso Debs Peep toe pumps BROWN size 5.5 $25


  1. Oooh the first dress!!
    And it's my bust size! ~ponders buying it~

  2. thank you so much for posting such a lovely blog about me! how nice!

  3. Yay for featuring Exquisitebones...she rocks!!

  4. I love her. I'm glad so many others do too!

  5. This is one of four blogs I found a few weeks ago, and has quickly become a daily favourite – actually that is this (your) one and the featured one!

  6. Atomic Mama- No problem hun you deserve it.

    esme and the lane way- Awww thanks hun I am flattered to be included.



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