Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wouldn't you know

That everything amazing gets shut down.
Ever since I was a little girl I can remember having an obsession with drive in movie theaters. I vividly remember being 5 years old and going to the drive in theater in Long Beach which has now been torn down, to watch the Lion King when it first came out with my little boyfriend at the time. Are parents tagged along and sat in the backseat it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. Sadly now there is not one drive in theater left in Long Beach, California.

Just to prove to you that I am the biggest nerd in the world the first thing I googled when I found out we were moving to San Antonio, Texas was if there was a drive in theater still around. Sadly from what I found on the Internet there is not but I did find some really interesting facts about Texas and drive in theaters. Texas was host to the 3rd drive-in theatre to open in America, at Galveston in July of 1934 (the 1st & 2nd had opened in New Jersey and Pennsylvania). Texans had the biggest peak in the industry, hosting nearly 400 outdoor theatres.

So tell me friends.....Whats your fondest memory of going to the drive in theater? Are you lucky does your city still have a drive in theater?


  1. We DO have a drive-in theater here and we love it. $6 each for a double feature. Not too bad!

    They used to have "poor boy nights" when you could pay one price for a carload (great for our big family). I sure miss them.

    You'll love San Antonio. It's huge, but it's a beautiful city. The river walk is fantastic.

  2. This post brings back fond memories of my beloved Poppa. I've never been to a drive-in, but we did our own version when I lived with him in my home(birth)town of, Aiken, SC. We lived in a classic "ranch style" home which sat on apprx. 100 acres. The house was complete with shag carpet, 40s-50s wallpaper, wood panelling, antiques, old film reels, books galore, Tiffany lamps (the REAL thing; not "style"d lamps) - a family collection of which I am affectionately named, "Dave the Slave" pottery, etc....It was a house fit for a vintage princess. My Poppa always called me am "old fashioned beauty". Of course, as a teenager, this complement was very unappreciated and even hated. (I thought he was telling me that I looked like an old lady. Ah - to be young and nieve.)

    I apologize for the long comment, but your entry stirred up such fond memories of my past. Though I may be teary, I thank you SO much for reminding me of the things I miss most.

    Blessings to you. :x

  3. I've been to the drive-in one time at this place near where I live. During the summer they show a double feature on the weekends. We watched Transformers and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! lol

  4. Apparently Virginia still has a few around but I've never had the joy of being to one!

  5. i never went to a drive-in until I was in high school (the big multi- screen one that was in Orange, CA) but i am fortunate now that we have not one, but TWO drive-in theaters within 20 minutes of us in either direction. And it's still California (central coast near Pismo Beach!). I can't tell you my best memories (wink wink)though ;)

  6. Not *exactly* a drive-in, but Alamo Drafthouse does rolling roadshows where you can watch movies (often classics) on an enormous outdoor screen, while sitting in a lawn chair or sprawled out in the grass, etc. You can even hire them to come out with their whole setup! ;)

    In any case, you should definitely check out the San Antonio theater. There's a long table in front of each row of seats, and you can eat/snack/drink during the movie. The best way to see a movie!

  7. I also have always had an affinity for drive in movies. A local art center tends to show free old movies out on the lawn during the summer. It is one of my favorite events ever :0)

  8. Oh fantastic, Ive always dreamed of these photos, of going to such a drive in movie.. except in the uk we would get soaked in rain!

  9. Motmy favorite memory but I remember sneaking in by hiding in the car trunk with another gal, oh the horror! Fortunately, we do have a drive in close to us still.

  10. 50s Housewife- Not bad at all. What a deal $6 bucks for a double feature. Poor boy nights what a cute name. Aww thanks I really hope so, I have heard of the river walk and seen pictures it does look amazing.

    Mz. Spider- No problem hun your long comment is appreciated. Your poppas place sounds amazing, a home made drive in on a perfect vintage ranch what an amazing story.

    Maggi- I am so jealous of those of you who have these awesome theaters that play double features.

    reilly- You better visit soon before they think of tearing them down.

    Shrinky Inky- I am so jealous two theaters that are close, you lucky gal!

    Diana Geneviève- Such great information, as soon as we settle in my bf and I are for sure going to visit that theater, it sounds amazing! Plus I will keep my eye out for the rolling roadshows, thanks again for the great info!

    Quixsa- That sounds so lovely they do something similar to that on the beach its really quite nice the only problem is the screen isnt very big.

    Daisy- Thank you for your comment I am so happy you enjoyed these photos.

    Glamoursurf- Your so lucky you still have one close, eek two girls in a trunk must have been quite an adventure.

  11. No problem! I love spreading the "gospel" of Alamo Drafthouse. ;)

    When I lived in Virginia, I went to the Fork Union Drive-In, a really honest-to-god drive-in experience.

  12. We had one in the town where I grew up. I remember going with my parents to see the 1976 version of "King Kong". I had pillows and blanket in the back of their Pacer,lol.
    When we moved here there was a drive-in in Denver, but they tore it down about a year or so ago. =(

  13. I love these photos! So, so cool. Would love to go to a drive-in some day but so far, no such luck (grew up in Manhattan, etc)

    Love your blog!

  14. You are absolutely not alone in your passionate love of drive-in theaters! I'm wild about them too, as I have fond (80s) childhood memories of visiting one that was in a neighbouring town while growing up. It was on the giant screen of that very drive-in that, as a youngin', I saw the movie "A League of Their Own", thus falling instantly and eternally in love with 1940s fashion.

    Wishing you an deeply gorgeous weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  15. what a lovely post! i went to one a couple years ago that was still around in nj. but i don't know of any in the bay area! sad b/c there is something so personal and wonderfully vintage about them. let's open one! :-) all vintage bloggers will start rebelling and open one where they live

  16. this post sends a nostalgic feeling through my veins....the thought of a drive-in theatre makes me lonely for my childhood.... i'm from long beach, as well and i'm sure the threatre you mentioned is the one i'd go to. i remember sitting on the floor of our car so that my parents didnt have to pay for me and my cousins! and how we loved making our own dialogue because we could never hear. i loved being able to watch 3 movies at once....what a great atmosphere. and the images in this post at gorgeous


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